June 23, 2015

Re: CM Allen Homes and Flood-Damaged Dwelling Units

Dear Residents:

All of the dwelling units located at the CM Allen Homes suffered flood-related damages during the Memorial Day Weekend flood on May 24, 2015. 

SMHA has requested that Residents temporarily vacate their Dwelling Unit because of the damages caused by the flooding event and so that repairs to CM Allen may be completed. 

SMHA has provided information about how to contact the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to obtain assistance, including financial assistance for temporary housing.  SMHA strongly encourages you to contact FEMA and to take advantage of the temporary housing accommodations.  FEMA has advised that to continue to receive assistance from FEMA, it is imperative that you recertify: that is, you must have a valid (signed) lease agreement for permanent housing within 60 days from the date of the disaster declaration.  For further information, you may call: 1-800-621-FEMA; or, online at: www.disasterassistance.gov.  

Please know that once repairs to CM Allen are completed, and dwellings are safe to use for housing, displaced residents will have the right of first refusal for the Dwelling Unit that they lived in prior to the flood.  Thus, you will be given notice and an opportunity to reoccupy the Dwelling Unit, or you may decline to return to the Dwelling Unit. 

Management of the CM Allen Homes has been transferred to the Main Office of the Housing Authority in the Allen Woods Homes at 1201 Thorpe Lane.  If you have any questions, please contact us at (512) 353-5059.


Albert Sierra, Executive Director




































































































From Texas Housing Association (June 17, 2015): "Have you adopted an admission preference for families displaced by natural disasters?"

Have a preference and can house

(Corsicana) We have a Preference for Federally recognized disasters. We can probably accommodate a family or two relatively quickly. Please let us know.
(Austin) The Housing Authority of the City of Austin's (HACA) Public Housing waiting list is currently open for families that qualify for a two bedroom unit or larger. Our one bedroom waiting list is currently closed.

HACA has a preference for families that have been involuntarily displaced. As stated in our Admissions & Continued Occupancy Policy (ACOP):

Families displaced as a result of natural disaster or government action shall be given preference. The following documentation will be used to verify displacement status:

• Certification from a unit of government concerning displacement due to natural disaster; or
• Certification from a unit of government concerning displacement due to code enforcement or public improvement/development or displacement by inaccessibility of a unit.

The displacement must have occurred within six months of requesting the involuntary displacement preference.

HACA does have fairly long waiting lists. However, families that qualify for one of our local preferences will jump to the top of our lists for the two, three and four bedroom sizes. They will likely be drawn from the waiting list the first draw after we receive their application.

Families displaced by the Memorial Weekend Flood have two ways that they can apply:

1. Families can come to our office at 1124 S IH 35, Austin, TX 78704 and complete the application in our lobby.

2. Families can go to our website (http://www.hacanet.org/apply/public-housing.php) and download the application. Once completed, they can fax the application, scan and email it, or mail it to our office.

a. Our fax number is (512) 472-2958.
b. Our email address is hacaadmissions@hacanet.org.
c. Our mailing address is: The Housing Authority of the City of Austin, Attn: Admissions Department, 1124 S IH 35, Austin, TX 78704

On the application, families can request the preference for being involuntarily displaced. If a family was displaced from their public housing unit, a letter from their current Housing Authority, indicating that their Public Housing unit has been damaged and is not livable will be sufficient documentation. In order to receive this preference, the request and supporting documentation must be submitted by November 25, 2015.

HACA also understands that due to the flooding, many families may have lost important documents that are necessary in the eligibility process. This would include items like Birth Certificates, Social Security cards, INS documentation, perhaps even proof of income. HACA is willing to accept copies of these documents from the previous Housing Authority as long as we receive the copies directly from the Housing Authority. HACA will work with the original Housing Authority to find the easiest way to make this happen.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our Admissions Director, Michael Roth at (512) 767-7669 or our Admissions Manager, Frank Garcia at (512) 767-7670.
Indicated that they have a preference but did not mention vacancy status
Bexar County
Central Texas COG
Fort Worth
New Boston
(San Antonio) We have a preference for Public Housing.
(Lubbock) Yes, for [people in] federally declared disaster area that are public housing residents, or are income eligible, and for Section 8 voucher holders or are income eligible. There are some qualifying basics.
(Central Texas Housing Consortium - Temple/Belton) We have preferences for families of federally declared disasters that have occurred within the past 6 months. A higher preference is given to those in public housing or Section 8 project based recipients in another jurisdiction.
(Gladewater) When selecting a family for a unit at any location, the Authority will give a weighted preference of: 100 points for federally declared disaster victims, 30 points to elderly (including persons with a verified disability or handicap), 20 points for near elderly, and a weighted preference of 10 points for verified victims of domestic violence.
(Texoma Council of Governments) We have a Non-Local Preference for this purpose. The NON-LOCAL PREFERENCE is as follows:

a. TCOG will comply with HUD directives to process applicants who are Section 8
Voucher holders and or new applicants whom are Federal Emergency Disaster Relief Victims. Current Voucher holder and/or new applicant must sign the eligibility form included with the application indicating their claim to be eligible for the Emergency Disaster Relief Preference. TCOG will assist eligible applicants with available funding for this purpose.

b. Applicants claiming this Preference must be responsible for certification for Preference and submit necessary documentation and information to qualify for this Preference. Applicants claiming this Preference must file within twelve months of the actual date the Federal Emergency Disaster occurred.

c. All applicants determined to be ineligible for the Emergency Disaster Relief Preference are notified immediately in writing as to the reason for the denial and given an opportunity to request a meeting to review denial.

d. Selection for Vouchers will be determined by date and time of application and those applicants eligible for the Preference will be pulled from the Waiting List before any other applicant who is not so qualified. Each applicant will be required to verify/document the Emergency Disaster Relief Preference they have claimed prior to receiving assistance.
Others with Vacancies
(Poteet) No, but our waiting list is extremely short.
(Crosbyton) No we have no preference and no waiting lists. If there are any folks that are on Social Security or other retirement I have one three bedroom, and 5 two bedrooms available. Just make sure they understand there are no jobs here. We are 38 miles east of Lubbock Texas and we do have a hospital here also.
(Whitney) We have (2) 3 bedroom duplexes ready to rent today. With (2) more 3 bedroom duplexes expected open soon. We do not have families on the waiting list to fill all the open duplexes.
(Huntsville) I have one unit that is coming available for a person needing a wheelchair accessible unit. Should be available by July 6-10th.
Preference, but no vacancies
(Eagle Pass) Actually, that is the only preference we have but they must in be on our waiting lists. However, most of our waiting lists (including Sec. 8) are closed and we do not have any vacant units.
(Pecos) We do have a preference for displaced families; however we have no empty apartments to rent.
(Bastrop) Yes, we have an admission preference but do not currently have any vacancies.
(Gonzales/Waelder) We do have that Preference in place. We don't have any vacant units.
(Schertz) Yes-we have for both PH & SEC 8. No vacancies at this time in Public Housing.
(Taft) We do have a preference for displaced by natural disaster; however, we have no vacancies.
(Buffalo) We are small with no available units. But if we had a vacancy they would move to top of list, just as our homeless policy.

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1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 Bedroom Units
Apply at the Allen Woods Homes at 1201 Thorpe Lane.
1 & 2 Bedroom Units

Apply at 503 Springtown Way. Must be elderly or disabled.

2, 3, & 4 Bedroom Units

Apply at 701 South LBJ Drive (office on Love Street). Must be motivated to succeed!


(open to current voucher holders only)
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